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Preparing for Chicago!

Our Management Consulting Division is proud to announce you that we are ready to welcome you, MC members, current and prospective ones, in Chicago!

First of all, I would like to thank in person all the submitters, even those who were not accepted, for all the interest given to the Division. For those who have been accepted, welcome aboard fellows! If the program is announced to be a great success, it is due to the great quality of your submissions and the hard work made by our dear and faithful reviewers. So, the 78th Annual Meeting of Academy of Management is coming closer … This year, we will explore the theme of “Improving Lives”, in Chicago. What a beautiful opportunity to create and share knowledge to a theme that perfectly fit our division!  Also, it’s our pleasure and honor to welcome the Distinguished Speech of the Management Consulting Division that will be given next August by Pr. David Boje from New Mexico State University, USA, the founder of Storytelling approach. We are all looking forward to it!

It’s also my duty and pleasure to invite all the members and their family and friends to participate to our traditional Dinner. This year, Dr. Rickie Moore, EM Lyon Business School, France, one of our most dedicated members and treasurer, has been chosen to give the speech. Can’t wait to be there and to have this always pleasant moment together. If you want to be part of it, and I’m sure that it is the case, don’t forget to inform us! Tonya and Eric, Program and PDW chairs, have worked together greatly to find a great place for that evening. Thank you guys!

On a larger scale, I would like to highlight the strong dedication of our board members and representative-at-large who have devoted special time and effort this year to build a better communication system among the board and with our division members. As an example, a priority action plan was set last fall and many of the decided actions are already done or ongoing! Also, this second issue of our division newsletter is a great example of my team involvement. Thank you to Tonya, Eric, Jean, Nancy, Rickie, Rida, Uzonna, Jérémy, Emmanuel, Leslie, Meghan, and Soren. Chicago incoming conference wouldn’t be the same without them!

Looking forward to welcome all of you in Chicago!

Dr. Amandine Savall

MC Division Chair

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Archived MCD Newsletters

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2013 Spring

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2010 Summer

2009 Fall

2008 Spring

2007 Fall

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2006 Summer

2005 Fall

Vol 32 #1 - Discusses the Hawaii Annual Conference program highlights
including awards, key events, and PDW activities.

2005 Summer

Vol 31 #2 - Discusses the election results for 2006/2007, the upcoming Hawaii
conference including the Dinner Cruise, the PDW and Conference programs, and
an article on LIFBRI: The Leadership In Family Business Research Initiative at
the London Business School.

2005 Winter

Vol 31 #1 - Looks forward to the Honolulu conference including the Dinner
Cruise, PDW activities and the conference programs. Calls for nominations for
the upcoming election.

2004 Fall

Vol 30 #3 - A substantial newsletter that provides highlights of the New Orleans
conference, a review of the Division's membership statitics, plans to move MCD
forward, a call for papers for Hawaii, a review of Lausanne and lots of photos.

2004 Spring

Vol 30 #2 - An expansion of the Winter 2004 Newsletter.

2004 Winter

Vol 30 #1 - Reviews the Seattle Conference highlights, the upcoming Lausanne
Conference, reviving the Historin role, and a look forard to New Orleans

2002 Winter

Vol 29 #1 -

2001 Spring

Vol 28 #3 - primary features are news on the upcoming Washington Conference
PDW and Program, a report on the Lyon conference, and a book review on
Leadership For Dummies by Marshal Loeb and Stephen Kindel.

1999 Fall

Vol. 27 #1 - Primary features are reports on the Chicago 1999 Conference activities
and a call for the year 2000 Conference in Toronto's Professional Development
Workshop and a call for paper and symposia submissions. Book reviewed by Terry
Armstrong: Crisis In Organizations, author Laurence Barton. Also Tony Buono
reviewed David Maister's book Courage and Values: Missing In Action

1999 Summer

Vol. 26 #3 - Primary features are Chicago 1999 Conference and results of Election
of New Officers. Book reviewed by Terry Armstrong: The Leadership Moment, author
Michael Useem.

1999 Spring

Vol. 26 #2 - Primary features are Chicago 1999 Conference and Election of New
Officers. Book reviewed by Terry Armstrong: How to Lead Change When You're
Not In Charge, authors Roger Risher & Alan Sharp.

1998 Fall

Vol. 26 #1 - Covers San Diego 1998 Conference Highlights including Best Papers
Awards, Call for Papers for Chicago 1999. In the International News section
articles on "A View of Management Consulting in Europe" by Flemming Pulfelt and
"The Globalization of Consulting" by Terry Armstrong. Introduces a new
column — Book Review. Book reviewed by Terry Armstrong: Selling the Invisible:
A Field Guide to Modern Marketing, author Harry Beckwith.

1998 March

Vol. 25 #3 - Covers establishing new Division website, European consulting,
and favorite websites.

1998 July

Vol. 25 #4 - Covers Officers Election, article titled "Why do Research on Consulting
Firms" by Jeff Kerr (the original newsletter erroneously listed Steve Kerr as the

1997 October

Vol. 25 #1 - Covers Boston 1997 Conference Highlights including an article on
Consulting - Redux by Anthony F. Buono.

1997 July

Vol. 24 #4 [stet] - Covers Boston Conference 'Alerts' and View from the Chair
article by Terry Armstrong on "Consultant, Heal Thyself".

1997 May

Vol. 24 #4 - Covers Election Results and in the Around the World section, the
following articles: "Institute for Intellectual Capital Research" by Nick Bontis and
"The American Challenge" by Christopher McKenna.

1997 January

Vol. 24 #2 - Covers Officers Election and View from the Chair article by Terry
Armstrong on "Managerial Consultation: What is it? Where is it going?".

1996 October

Vol. 24 #1 - View from the Chair article by Terry Armstrong on " Building Bridges".

1996 July

Vol. 23 #4 - View from the Chair article by David Jamieson on "'Bridging' Theory
and Practice".

1996 April

Vol. 23 #3 - View from the Chair article by David Jamieson on "'Let's Get Serious
about Consutling".

1996 February

Vol. 23 #2 - Article by Marilyn Harris, "Consulting leadership — the moral challenge".

1995 September

Vol. 23 #1 - Includes a Case Vignette "Reorganizing the Chicago Police Force" by
Charles Nelson.

1995 July

Vol. 22 #4 - Election Results and Vancouver conference 'alerts'.

1995 January

Vol. 22 #2 - Includes a Case Vignette "Transforming Leadership - Redefining a
Teamster Union-Management Releationship" by Charles Nelson.